Gray Zone Warfare: Guns & Ammo Quest Guide | Mithras

Get weapons out of your enemy’s hands and into your allies’ hands.

Guns & Ammo is one of the many quest tasks that the Mithras faction will need to complete in Gray Zone Warfare.

Your enemies seem to have a healthy supply of weapons and ammunition… wouldn’t it be great if you could take it for yourself? Weaken the enemy while bolstering your own faction, brilliant!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to complete the Guns & Ammo task while playing as the Mithras faction.

Guns & Ammo Quest | Mithras Faction Guide

Guns & Ammo quest location on the map

As the quest’s description states, you will need to visit the firing range in the Hunter’s Paradise area. It’s far to the north of the map. Its coordinates are Y: 168, X: 160.

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Fighting hostiles at the firing range

Do be ready though, you’ll be met with hostiles as you enter the Hunter’s Paradise area! Take them out through any means necessary.

Also, make sure to loot their pockets once they’re down. One of them should be holding a key for the weapon storage, which you will need to complete this short quest.

One of the entrances to the large shed

Once the hostiles are dealt with and you’ve obtained the HP Weapon Storage Key, make your way to the large shed near the firing range. It’s right behind the firing lanes at the range.

Weapon Storage room entrance

Then, find the locked weapon storage room inside the shed and open it with the key you have. 

Firearms Boxes in the shelves

Enter the room and loot the various Firearms Boxes on the shelves. Not only will you get to loot some sweet guns for yourself, it will also complete the Guns & Ammo quest task. Finders, keepers!

You’ll also get a M4A1 Assault Rifle, 1000 EXP, 150 Reputation, and 7,800 USD for completing the task.

True Grit quest

That’s all there is to completing this simple task in Gray Zone Warfare. Though, while you’re at the Hunter’s Paradise, it’s also a good idea to check out our guide on the True Grit quest.

It tasks you with retrieving a revolver that is in the same area, so you can knock both tasks out at once!


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