Manor Lords: Emmer Fertility Explained

A term used by the medieval!

Manor Lords is a medieval based world-building strategy game that explores authentic designs, workplaces, and fashion statements. It’s available to play on Steam, PC and Xbox One so check it out! While farming in Manor Lords, you may have come across the term Emmer Fertility. If that confuses you, keep reading and I’ll explain the entire concept to you. 

Emmer Fertility Explained

Let’s start with what Emmer is. Emmer is the type of wheat crops used back in the day or era this game is set in, which is the medieval times.  It is also a leading crop in Manor Lords.

You need to manage emmer fertility management to keep a steady food supply for your people and for prosperity of your settlement.

Emmer fertility of Manor Lords is related to how good the crop will be grown in a specific tile. The specific crop being wheat. Emmer Fertility essentially means the fertility of wheat.

Crop types in Manor Lords.

Managing Emmer Fertility

A regular supply of high emmer will provide a sufficient food supply for the settlement and will also encourage in the area.

Here are the steps you need to follow to manage your wheat crops:

Choosing a Plot

When you start the farming process, the first thing to do in either real-life, farming simulators or this game itself, is choose a good area for the crop you want to grow.

Start by going toward your field.

Field in Manor Lords.

Then, click on the field and click on construction. On the right side of your screen, you should see a list of crops. Click on Emmer Fertility.

Crops in Manor Lords.

You can also look for the fertility map in the game. The map will show various colors representing fertility levels. Green means high fertility and is the best for planting emmer.

Crop in Manor Lords.

Checking each Crop’s Fertility Rating

Every piece of land in the game has a fertility rating that determines how well your crops will grow. Green crops indicate high fertility and are the best crops to be used as a starting emmer crop.

Therefore, begin farming with emmer since it is the most basic food item, ensuring the crops grow well. As time progresses, also make sure that you monitor and maintain the fertility of your fields.

Crops in Manor Lords.

Crop Rotation

It’s essential that you prevent soil exhaustion. When you plant the same crop in the same field from year to year, the soil will deplete its specific nutrients needed for that crop, leading to infertility. To prevent this, you apply crop rotation

Crop field in Manor Lords.

This way the soil health can be maintained, and each type of crop can grow and flourish.

And that’s what Emmer Fertility is, in case the term confused you. The language back in the day was very different and for a more authentic effect, the game decided to use the word emmer for wheat which was a great design! While you’re here, also check out this guide on How To Get Shock-Absorbing Rubber Location in Sand Land!


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