New World – ULTIMATE Medium Hatchet & Greatsword PvP Melee Build Guide | Dec 2022

The perfect combination for Onslaught!

PvP is the best and most interesting thing for many players in New World. What can be more badass and awesome than wielding a Hatchet and a Greatsword? In this guide, we will be giving you the best build for those 2 weapons. Let’s get started and make you a melee machine!

ULTIMATE Medium Hatchet & Greatsword PvP Melee Build Guide | Dec 2022 – New World

Source – Ulfhednar

This here is what the ideal and best end-game gear should look like when you want to get the Medium Hatchet and Greatsword at your disposal. It will give you so much more damage output as well as the speed that you will be dealing the most amount of damage while also out perfecting all the hits coming at you.


Source – Ulfhednar

This is how the stats should be looking on your characters to be able to be the best melee character combined with the Hatchet and the Greatsword. As you can see you will need to focus the most on Constitution and then mostly on Strenght and Dexterity.

You can go skipping out on Intelligence and Focus since you won’t need them at all. With these stats, you will be doing the most amount of damage output as well as being tanky for providing you with survivability that you will need.

Hatchet Mastery

Source – Ulfhednar

This is how your Hatchet Mastery should be looking lie. You will go the Berserker Route with also combined some good perks in Throwing. Stick down to the middle while getting the abilities that are shown above. Of course, you shall need to max it out to 625 points.

Greatsword Mastery

Source – Ulfhednar

For the Greatsword this is how your mastery should look like. Onslaught is something that you will be maxing out the most, but then also pick these items on the Defiance tab too. The abilities are the following and also 625 points are a must.


These are the weapons that you should be using as part of the best gear and setting for this melee build:

  • Greatsword – Orichalchum Greatsword of the Soldier
  • Hatchet – Orichalchum Hatchet of the Soldier

That is all that you need to know about having the best gear, stats, masteries as well as the weapons that you can do the best ULTIMATE PVP Melee build. We hope that this guide has helped you out with this matter. A big thank you to Ulfhednar from YouTube where he explained all of this in detail.

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