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Wild Hearts – How to Get Demon Rock

Unearth nature’s secrets.

Just when you think you’re done exploring a place the game decides to take matters into its own hands and tell you otherwise.

There will always be new places to uncover as you push on through, places that you had no access to earlier, or places that you missed entirely. This makes backtracking even more fun for most people as you get to take in the breathtaking yet dangerous landscape Wild Hearts offers to its players.

You can even go on a few more side trips and gather extra materials like Demon Rock, you’re already in the middle of committing so why not?

How to Get Demon Rock in Wild Hearts

You may think that you missed this resource entirely, especially if you’re already past chapter 3.

Luckily that isn’t the case, even in later chapters the locations haven’t changed and you can still walk your way toward them without any difficulty.

Keep on reading to find out where they’re located!

Again you’ll find yourself over at Fuyufusagi Fort, the region right above Akikure Canyon.

The Cavern Camp at the southwest of the map is the ideal place to begin as your travels require you to head north.

For the most part, you will be sticking close to the cliff so it’s pretty straightforward.

After getting out of the cavern you’ll find yourself at the Snowy Ōtsuki Path, keep to your right and you will shortly stumble upon your first Demon Rock deposit.

There’s some more next to that so go ahead and grab that too.

On to the last one! Keep moving forward from your last position until you end up in Chilling Lane, stay on the right lane, and ignore the Dreadclaw that’s in your way.

Get past the giant panko chicken and you will find one more Demon Rock that’s ready for the taking.

That’s all there is to it! Now keep mining!

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