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Wild Hearts – Where to Find Leporine Fruit for Amatsu Bath

Time to get sudsy!

Wild Hearts isn’t always about fighting and driving Kemono to the brink of extinction, progress through the story enough and the game will reward you with numerous things to do in your spare time.

Things like maintaining your hygiene, yes you heard that right. It’s not a Japanese setting without a trip to the nearby Minato onsen, at this point it wouldn’t even be a surprise if they throw in a beach episode as well.

You’ll have to do some extra leg work first if you want to take a bath and permanently increase your hunter’s health so let’s look into that further!

Where to Find Leporine Fruit for Amatsu Bath – Wild Hearts

You’ll unlock the bathhouse early on while progressing through the story. If you’ve been playing for quite some time you probably already have access to it without your knowledge.

Both Dark Demon Bath and Amatsu Bath will require a little bit of extra work to get into though so here’s what you need to do.   

The location you’re looking for is over at Harugasumi Way, right next to Minato and Akikure Canyon. Right after fast traveling, you can head up north to find Gladefruit Hare.

As the name suggests they’re giant rabbits with trees sticking out of their backs. Thankfully they’re completely harmless so for once your means of gathering materials conforms to social norms.

Travel in and out of the area until you get at least 5 units of Leporine Fruit, this is the amount you’re going to need for Tamakazura’s restorative bath development.

Remember you only need to pet the hare to get the fruit, you can always come back later if you require more or if you just like having a lot in stock.

Now go out there and take a shower!

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