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Wild Hearts: How To Unlock All Weapons

You can use all of the weapons after this guide!

There are a lot of weapons that you can use in Wild Hearts from the very beginning of the game. It’s not about how hard it is to get them, but it is about how hard it is to master them. Despite that, there are still some weapons that are locked and cannot be used.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock all of those weapons. Let’s get started and show you what needs to be done.

How To Unlock All Weapons – Wild Hearts

To unlock the three locked weapons:

  • Hand Cannon
  • Claw Blade
  • Karakiri Staff

You will need to keep making progress through the game. Play the main storyline with all of the tasks that will be given to you and as you get to certain stages of the game, you shall unlock this set of weapons.

Once you defeat Earth Breaker, which is the large monster from the opening of the game you will talk to several NPCs in Minato and have a festival. 

After the Festival you will wake up in your bed and talk to this NPC:

Once you’ve done so, you will have these 3 weapons unlocked. She can be found just next to the blacksmith of Minato and next to the center area.

If you want to know how close you are actually to passing the story and know when you can finally unlock these locked weapons, you shall need to defeat all of these bosses:

  • Ragetail
  • Sapscourge
  • Kingtusk
  • Spineglider
  • Lavaback
  • Gritdog

Then shall come the Earth Braker and you will get all of the weapons available for use. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what needs to be done in order to unlock all of the locked weapons in Wild Hearts. Have fun experimenting with all of them until you find your favorite weapon to use.

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