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Wild Hearts – Where to Find Serpent Flotation Cutis

Hunt down ferocious beasts!

Good games always have a variety of ways to throw you off your main objective, the most preferred method is giving you freedom of exploration which encourages you to head into a dungeon where you will have your backside walloped by accident because the mobs were ten to twenty levels ahead of you.

The other method would be gathering materials, this can either range from simply going to one location where they’re a common commodity or fighting colorful cryptids that science is yet to discover.

In this guide, you will do the latter as we go on the hunt for Serpent Flotation Cutis!

Where to Find Serpent Flotation Cutis – Wild Hearts

If you’re looking to acquire the best armor and weapons to mix and match in the game then gathering materials is simply the way to go.

As you progress through the game there will always be new locations you can visit in order to extract more exotic goods from the local environment to benefit your crafting.

What you’re looking for is located on Natsukodachi Isle just east of Minato. That would be the second island where you will encounter the Whipthrash Serpent Kemono.

They’re floating snakes that are colored yellow and orange that can be seen almost everywhere within the local vicinity. A good spot to look for them is at the destroyed ship at the center of the map.

Gathering will be made easier if you progress the game enough to at least chapter 3. Don’t forget to set your filters to Small Kemono to see the best gathering spots as they only drop one Cutis per kill!

Now go out there and start gathering materials that give your armor the best set of skills!

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