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Wild Hearts – How to Get Strigine Flight Bone

Measure your mettle!

There’s a myriad of side activities you can do when it comes to open-world games like Wild Hearts, one of them would be the never-ending obsession of harvesting resources from the local ecosystem. You can’t always buy everything from the market, you need that money for your endgame exploits!

Given that each resource can only be found within a specific region, it’s almost safe to assume that you’ll have no trouble finding what you need and you’re right! In this guide, we’ll show you where to go in order to find a crumb of Strigine Flight Bone!

How to Get Strigine Flight Bone – Wild Hearts

Item rarity is always commonplace in video games, as bad of a joke as that may be it’s unfortunately true for the case of the Strigine Flight Bone.

You’ll find this specific material from one source only, here’s where you can find it!

If you haven’t missed it yet then you’re journey begins at Chapter 2 over at Fuyufusagi Fort just north of Akikure Canyon.

The Kemono that you will be dealing with is the Deathspine Nighthawk, you can find one near the southern part of the map above the healing well. Your target is classified as a small Kemono and is basically an oversized owl.

You will have to slay the beast because asking nicely won’t get you anything, putting the Kemono friend out of its misery will net you one unit of Strigine Flight Bone.

If you decide to pet them instead then you will receive Strigine Plumes in return.

That is where you need to go if you want to gather this specific resource, don’t forget to check on your Cyclopedia every now and then to get more information about your target! Happy hunting!

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