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Wild Hearts: How To Use Flying Vine

Master the art of Zip Lines!

Wild Hearts will have you going through a lot of tools and equipment that you can summon as you adventure on its very large and enormous map.

In this guide, we shall be helping you to master the Flying Vine, which is only one piece of all those tools that you can use. Let’s get started and show you to become a zip line expert!

How To Use Flying Vine – Wild Hearts

Summoning The Flying Vine

First of all, you shall need to open up your tool and equipment inventory wheel. Once there, just choose the Kurukumi and then you can see the Flying Vine at the bottom bar of the screen.

Usually, it will be the fifth choice in the hot bar.

Make sure that you place it somewhere on good terrain and where it can aim up or down, basically to have the most mobility possible.

Aiming With The Flying Vine

Once you have placed the Flying Vine on the ground you shall need to walk up to it and hit the interaction key. You will mount it up and now you can use your movements keys to move with it.

You can notice a cursor at the end of your aim and this is what it represents:

  • Red – You cannot shoot nor set up a zip line by using the Flying Vine
  • White Shoot away and the zip line will be placed

So basically you shall need to aim with the Vine until you see that the cursor is white.

You will be able to set it up anywhere that you were aiming, but keep in mind that you need to get it to somewhere that it will be actually useful.

Using The Zip Line

Once you have shot with the flying Vine on the white cursor, there will be a zip line in place. Now just use the JUMP key on the zip line and you’ll get sliding to the target. Make sure that you jump just before you get to the end so that you don’t end up falling somewhere you don’t want to.

We hope that this guide has helped you out in mastering the Flying Vine in Wild Hearts! Remember that it is an adventure tool but it might help you out in combat too. Have fun using it!

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