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Wild Hearts – Where to Find Small Kemono Membrane

Go on the prowl!

Sometimes you just don’t want to progress through the game so easily, instead, you go off the beaten path and explore the lands that basically become your playground. If that activity doesn’t interest you then the next best thing would be gathering materials that are free for the taking.

It’s just lying around waiting to be used to improve your skill sets so why not? The problem does have a tendency to present itself at times when you don’t know where to begin looking, should you even look that hard? Maybe, but in this guide, we’ll show you where to look to make gathering easier!

Where to Find Small Kemono Membrane – Wild Hearts

Hunting down Kemono is the main point of Wild Hearts, every beast slain makes you stronger as you respectfully borrow materials from them temporarily by putting them down permanently.

In this guide you will be doing just that, the only difference is it’s going to be more challenging to find than to fight.

You can find the Small Kemono Membrane by traveling to Harugasumi Way right in the middle of Minato and Akikure Canyon.

The beast in question would be the Ragetail Pup, a white and red four-legged creature that looks like a raccoon and a porcupine put together. Throw in a rat to the mix as well.

A good spot to look around is over at the Deserted Granary. They won’t put up too much of a fight so getting materials from them is basically child’s play.

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