Farming Simulator 22: Bees Guide

Get some honey for your farm!

Most Animals in Farming Simulator 22 require constant food and water. If you want a low-maintenance yet profitable Animal, you can take care of bees. Bees are one of the low-maintenance animals that you can cultivate in Farming Simulator 22.

Placing Beehives

To place a Beehive, you need to go to the Construction tab and proceed to the Animal Section. Click on the Bee tab and you will see multiple options for Beehives. You can place multiple Beehives on your farm. 

There is also a Beehive Pallet location but you can only place one of these items in the field. After placing the Beehives, you do not need to do anything, there is no need to feed or water them as they automatically generate Honey for you. 

Getting Honey

If you purchase more Hives and place them on your farm, you will get more Honey that you can sell afterward. There is another benefit to placing Beehives on your farm. Beehives can give you a yield bonus for crops like Sunflower and Potatoes

The range for the bonus yield crop bonus will depend on the size of your Beehive. A larger Beehive can give you a crop yield bonus of up to 150 meters. You can sell honey directly or bring them to the production plant and create Cereal
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