Farming Simulator 22: Horses Guide

Take care of Horses in your barn!

There are numerous animals that you can take care of in Farming Simulator 22. One of the animals you can take care of is Horses. This guide will talk about how to purchase Horses, how to feed them and sell them. 

How to Purchase Horses

You are going to need a Horse Pen first. Horse Pens can be purchased in the Construction tab, you can find Horses under the Animal Tab. To purchase Horses, you can purchase Animal Transport equipment and directly go to the Animal Dealer on the map. 

You can also directly access the Animal Dealer on the Menu or approach one of the Horse Pens. Keep in mind that this method will give you an additional fee to get them delivered to your farm. 

Watering Horses

If you purchase a barn-style Horse Pen, the water supply is automatically covered. However, if you have a pasture-type pen, you need to provide water manually. You can purchase an Aquatrans in the Animal store and deliver the water on the pasture. 

On the other hand, the pasture-type horse pen will not require bedding but if you use a barn-style Horse Pen, you need to manually take care of the bedding. You need to unload the Straw or Hay at the same station where you unload the food for your horses. 

Feeding Horses

To feed your horses, you can purchase oat pellets or hay in the store. Unload your feed on the feeding icon on your horse pen. You also need to ride your horses daily to keep them contented and fit.

You can ride your horse by approaching them and pressing Ride. There is a riding percentage on the corner and we recommend riding the horses daily until it reaches 100%. After riding the horse, you can approach it to clean the horse afterward. 

If you want to sell your horse, simply approach the animal icon on the stable and sell the horse you own.

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