Farming Simulator 22: Game Settings Guide

Navigate through the Farming Simulator 22 settings options

Like any other game, Farming Simulator 22 has settings that you can change according to your preferences. These settings refer to general game settings, game sound settings, display settings, time settings, vehicle settings, and other settings. Nevertheless, this game gives you the option to adapt the settings to your needs.

Game Settings Guide – Farming Simulator 22

Of course, we first have the general settings in terms of the language setting of the game then setting up the input controls where we have the steering wheel settings or any other input you use.

Next, we have settings for all sound capabilities in the game (radio, vehicle, environment, etc.). We also have display settings that allow for hardware settings, brightness adaptation, V-sync switching on or off, resolution change, and other options.

You also have advanced graphic settings where you can adapt shadow quality, cloud quality, texture quality, and more.

Then we have the controls setup which is as basic as in any game. You can change the mouse sensitivity in the device settings.

In the general settings in the game, you have the option to include a help window that gives you information about the game controls, colorblind mode, field information, you also have options for units for example: currency, temperature, whether you want a metric unit or miles, camera settings, radio, input units settings, sound settings and more.

You have an option that allows you to adjust the time, you can also choose in real-time, an adjustment in terms of the economic weight of the game, length of the day, days of the month, weather conditions, the possibility of destroying crops, the need to water the plants. We also have options for the vehicle, towing limit, automatic engine start, and more.

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