Farming Simulator 22: How To Make Chopped Sugar Beet

What Is the Right Equipment For Making Chopped Sugar Beet

It is quite simple to chop sugar beet in Farming Simulator 22 but it requires proper equipment. Finding the right equipment for this purpose can be a bit tricky. Below you have a small guide on how to do this. The procedure is quite simple. 

Make Chopped Sugar Beet In Farming Simulator 22

So how do you do that? Of course, you need a sugar beet harvester first then a tractor with a front loader attached with a specific bucket, and a trailer for sugar beet.

To find the bucket you need to go to the in-game menu, then find the tools option and there are front loader tools here at the end you will find the bucket made by Fliegl model Ruby 2000.

You need this specific bucket because it’s essential for chopping the sugar beet.

After obtaining the necessary equipment, you should bring the tractor closer to the sugar beet harvester and fill it up with sugar beet. 

Next, you need to lift the bucket filled with sugar beet up and place it over the sugar beet trailer. Then you should turn on the front loader tool.

Do not forget to turn off the front loader tool when you chop the sugar beet. This is all you need to do. The procedure is quite simple you just need the right equipment.

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