Farming Simulator 22: How To Make Flour & Bread

Producing Flour and Bread using wheat.

There is a simple way to use the grain you have harvested to make flour or bread. This can be said to be a more rewarding way to use grain in Farming Simulator 22. Although you need to follow a few steps to do this you can certainly say that it will pay off.

Make Flour & Bread in Farming Simulator 22

So obviously first of all you will need the grain you have harvested and bring it to the grain mill. You need to own or buy a grain mill to be able to produce flour.

Therefore, if you do not own it, you need to buy a grain mill. After doing this you need to unload the trailer with grain in the mill.

When the mill has wheat it automatically starts to produce flour which after a while is packed in pallets at the entrance of the mill.

You can sell the flour immediately or you can use it to make bread. To do this you need to find the bakery and buy it.

Well, the way to do this is to go to the menu, click on the production chain, and when you click on the flour you can choose between packaging, sale, or distribution, when you click on the distribution it will be automatically distributed in the bakery for bread production.

You change the options by clicking on change output mode. Be sure to put the bread product on sale or storage.

After some time of bread production, a pallet of bread will appear in front of the bakery and you need to transport it with your truck to the place of sale or more precisely the farm shop.

So that’s the final step of bread production in Farming Simulator 22.

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