Farming Simulator 22: How To Pick Up Stones

Get rid of the stones in Farming Simulator 22.

Each field before planting in the game needs to be cleared of stones. The stones themselves, both in real life and in Farming Simulator 22, make it impossible for you to plant crops and they can be quite annoying. So there are several ways you can get rid of them.

Pick Up Stones in Farming Simulator 22

If you want to avoid the annoying part of collecting stones from the fields, or rather set the game to easy or set yourself up as a god in the game you can do that by going in the game settings and under the heading plants and growth, find the fieldstones and set this to off.

This is an easy way if you can not be bothered with manually collecting the stones.

But for proper removal of stones, you will need a stone collector and you can buy it in the store and of course a suitable tractor. This means that you need the right type of equipment.

When you have the appropriate equipment, it is the turn of the boring part, that is collecting the stones from the fields.

To start collecting the stones, first, connect the stone collector with the tractor, lower the stone collector and start driving over the stones.

This can be quite a clumsy part as you can not drive the stone collector in a straight line and he can run away from you.

Of course, you have to do this yourself and you can not hire an AI worker, at least I could not do that.

When you have finished collecting the stones, you can unload them anywhere and they will stand as a pile of stones or you can benefit from them and sell them.

To sell the stones you need to take them to a Debry Crusher. The price is not very high but something is better than nothing.

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