Farming Simulator 22: How To Setup A Server

Get your server up and running!

Producing animal byproducts and crops in Farming Simulator is exciting. But playing with other people, and having your dedicated servers makes Farming Simulator 22 a step above the rest. Console players also have access to dedicated servers in the game.

Renting a Dedicated Server

Go to the main menu and click on the Multiplayer option. Click on the rent a dedicated server and you will see a browser page will pop up. There are 6 different Game Hosters that allow you to rent a dedicated server in Farming Simulator 22. 

After renting a server, you will get an email with a web link, username, and password. Click on the link to get to the Dedicated Server portal. Follow the steps below to change the configurations in your dedicated server. 

  1. You can change the name of the dedicated server in the Server Game Name. 
  2. You can also set the Administrator and Game Password in this link. Keep in mind that the password is case-sensitive. 
  3. There are 20 game slots that you can use, as well as the starting map and starting mode you want to use. 
  4. To activate crossplay, simply tick the box on the allow crossplay option. 

Once you are done with all the settings, simply hit save.

How to use Mods

Go to the Mods tab, next to SaveGames. You will see all the Mods that are currently activated on the server. You can also upload new Mods using the Upload Mods section. The maximum upload size is 1.7 GB. 

When you are playing with multiple people, all players should have the same DLC and Mod versions that are active in your game. If they don’t they would not be able to join the server. To download the Mods, go to settings and activate the Public Mod download

This will give you a link to all the mods that are active on the server. You can also add users to the web portal, this will give them access to the web portal. If you want to change the settings of your server on the go, you can get the Dedicated Mobile App and link it to the settings.

Activating the Mods

Go back to the home page and scroll down to see all the Mods you can activate in the game. Simply tick the boxes of the mods you want to activate. Click Activate to bring them to the Active Mods tab. You can also upload your local game save into the dedicated server by following these steps. 

  1. Go to Documents>My Games> FarmingSimulator2022.
  2. Look for your saved files. They have this naming convention: savegame1. 
  3. Go into the folder of your preferred saved file and select all the files in the folder. 
  4. Press Send to Compressed Zip Folder, naming the folder according to your preferences. 
  5. Go to SaveGames and select the slot you want to save the game in. 
  6. Click on the Choose File and select the Zipped file from earlier.

Select Upload and you can go back to your home page. Select the save slot containing the local save data and press start. This will start the server and it will redirect you to the Resource Monitor

Joining the Dedicated Server

Launch the game and go to the Multiplayer menu. Click on Join a Game and type the name of the server in the Game Name textbox. Select your dedicated server and click Start. If you have a password, you need to type the password to be able to join the server.

If you notice an exclamation point icon next to the server, it means there is an error in the server. Press Space to troubleshoot the error you are getting.

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