Farming Simulator 22: Chickens Guide

Sell some eggs in Farming Simulator 22!

Chickens are a great way to gain passive income in Farming Simulator 22. Unlike crops, you can get animal products daily as long as you provide enough water and food to the Animals. Below is a quick guide on how to raise chickens in Animal Simulator 22.

Purchasing Chickens

To raise chickens, you will need a Chicken Pen first. Go to the store and click on Construction, select the Animals Tab and go to Chickens. You can choose a barn or an outside pen for your chickens. 

Afterward, you can purchase Chickens by going to the Animal Dealer setting and choosing the Chicken you want to purchase. You can also directly purchase the chickens by going to the Pen itself. To check the condition of your Chickens, simply check the Animal Menu.

Feeding Chickens

You can feed the chickens by going to the Bigbag Pallets in the store and purchasing Wheat. Another method is to purchase a trailer and go to the Food Icon to give food directly to your Chickens. The Eggs of the chicken will spawn on the Hazard Box. 

You can directly sell your eggs in the Production tab or bring them to the Bakery to transform them into a cake and sell for a higher profit.

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