Farming Simulator 22: How To Use Header Trailers

Transfer your Header with Ease

Moving to a destination with roads with a header attached to your harvester can be a tricky experience in Farming Simulator 22. That is why there is a simple solution to this problem and it is a trailer for the header with which you can easily transfer it.

Use Header Trailers In Farming Simulator 22

If you do not have the appropriate equipment or the harvester and header. Go to the in-game menu, go to the option of the vehicle and select the collectors. 

One when you find what you need at the bottom of the screen you have the option combinations. Here you will be given the headers as well as the trailers that you can use with the harvester. 

My personal advice is to stick to combinations instead of buying pieces of equipment individually to avoid buying incompatible equipment.

Once you have the equipment you need to attach the header to the harvester and just lower the header and leave it on the trailer.

A new feature of Farming Simulator 22 is that the header automatically attaches to the trailer without the need to center it too much.

Just make sure you leave the header on the trailer, do it on the included part of the trailer, or more precisely in front of you is the inclined corner of the trailer because there are the connectors for the trailer.

You can then attach the trailer to the vehicle and drive it to where you need it. So the procedure is quite simple and you should have no problems doing this.

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