Farming Simulator 22: How To Use The Greenhouse

Harvest crops in any season!

Crops will have different seasonal harvest and growth times. The revolving seasons can prevent you from harvesting the in-demand crop at the time. Utilizing Greenhouses is a great way to imitate the temperatures needed for each crop without waiting for the appropriate season. 

Building a Greenhouse

To build a Greenhouse, go to the production tab. You can choose in between 3 Greenhouse Sizes namely, small, medium, and large. All the greenhouses can grow Lettuce, Tomato, and Strawberry all year long, without regard for seasons. 

You need to ensure that the greenhouse has a sufficient water supply. You can check the condition of your crops in the Production Chains tab. After a while, your greenhouse will produce crops that you can then sell in the production tab.

Use of a Greenhouse

Greenhouses allow you to grow crops all year long, even in the winter. Crops such as the Strawberry can be brought to the bakery and made into a cake. Cakes can sell for a generous profit. 

The Greenhouse is a great way to increase and have a stable profit even during the winter season, without relying on animals.

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