Farming Simulator 22: How To Use Trains

Learn to Use the Train Properly in Farming Simulator 22

Transporting large quantities of products can be greatly facilitated when it is done by train in Farming Simulator 22. Instead of transporting resources by truck in several tours, you can do it all at once by train due to the large capacity.

Use Trains Farming Simulator 22

First, you need to learn how the facility works. First, you need to fill the silo with the seed you want to transport. 

When you get to the rails, you can find a place to load and unload products. Near the silos, in the direction of the rails, there is a control box on which you can rent a train, the cost of rent is $ 1000 per hour.

When the train arrives you need to get on the train and just drive the train to the loading space. 

Here you will need to open the cover of the wagons so you can load them up until you have loaded the entire quantity that you need to transport.

When you have completed this procedure you can drive the train with the products to the place where you wanted to transport them. 

You can sell the products as well, for this, there are several facilities that you can sell the product directly from the train station. 

There are also several facilities to which you can transport products by train. There are also three locations on the map where you can rent a train.

This will make it easier for you to transport large quantities of products.

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