Farming Simulator 22: Sheep Guide

Herd some sheep!

Crops are not the only thing you can produce in Farming Simulator 22. You can also herd sheep and take care of animals to produce animal byproducts. This guide will show you how you can purchase, take care of, and produce wool from Sheep in Farming Simulator 22.

How to Purchase Sheep

Before you can purchase a Sheep, you should purchase a Sheep Pen first. Go to the Store menu and click on the Construction tab. Press the Animals tab and go to the Sheep tab. You can find all the Sheep Pen Options here. 

To purchase Sheep, go to the store menu and head to the Animal Dealer tab. Select the Sheep Pasture you want and choose the Sheep you want to purchase. You can also go to the Tools store and press Animal Transport

You can purchase the Wilson Trailer which can hold 38 pieces of Sheep. Another way to purchase Sheep is to directly walk up to the pen and open the Animal Dialog

Animal Menu

To open up the Animal Menu, go to your main menu and select Animal Icon. You can find the status of your Animals and Sheep. The Sheep Barns will automatically provide water for your sheep but the outdoor Sheep Pen will need to manually have their water refilled. 

You can build a water tank on your farm or manually gather water from a water source on the map. To feed your Sheep, you can purchase Bale Hay at the Objects store and unload it to the food trough. 

Selling Wool

The Wool of the sheep will spawn in the Hazard Box after a day. You can go to the production tab and click on the Wool tab to sell them. You can also make them into Fabric if you have a Spinnery building. Lastly, you can sell them as clothes if you have a Tailor Shop.

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