Farming Simulator 22: Plant Growth Speed

How much time do you need to harvest your crops?

Growing crops in Farming Simulator can be a relaxing experience. Crops are a great way to jumpstart and increase your financial balance in the game. But how long do you need to wait until you can harvest your crops? 

What is the default Plant Growth Speed?

It depends on how long you have set your days per month setting. The fastest you can set is to make 1 month of in-game time equivalent to 1 day. You can increase the number of days for a month but 1 month to 1-day ratio is the fastest speed you can select in the game without any mods. 

You can also press Esc to bring up the calendar and see the schedule of the plants that you can plant and harvest. The default plant growth speed is 6 months, giving you at least 6 days of in-game time until you can harvest your crops. 

How to Speed Up Plant Growth

Unfortunately, you cannot speed up or slow down your plant growth. You can only add or subtract the days for each month. You can also use the Sleep function to instantly skip one day and allow your plants to enter another growth stage. 

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