Farming Simulator 22: When Is The Best Time To Sell Crops

Catch the Right Moment to Sell Crops

Selling plants at the right time in Farming Simulator 22 can bring you a solid difference in the profits you generate. If you can not bother to analyze prices throughout the year here is a brief analysis of when you need to sell.

Best Time To Sell Crops Farming Simulator 22

The game itself has its option for measuring prices over the months in the year and it gives you suggestions on when to sell, more precisely in which months the prices are the highest.

 But are these analyzes provided by the game accurate and correct? It makes a difference whether your seasonal growth is on or off.

In this case, we will look at the average prices, and with the seasonal growth of the highest average prices are in October while the game suggests that the highest prices are in January.

July can be mentioned as the worst month for sales with seasonal growth switched off.

While with the seasonal growth switched on, the best month for sale is April, and the worst month for sale, and the lowest prices are in November.

The game itself suggests August as the worst month for sale while January is the month with the highest prices. As you can see it differs from our analysis.

In conclusion, try not to rely too much on the analysis of the game because it can cause you losses, and try to analyze on your own the best period for sale with the highest prices.

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