Gray Zone Warfare: Fresh Meat II Task Guide

How to clear the next part of the mission.

Gray Zone Warfare: Fresh Meat II Task Guide

Fresh Meat II is a continuance mission in Gray Zone Warfare where you’ll follow up the intel you found in the previous one. The first-person tactical shooter game has a lot of simple missions that add nuance to the world of the game. And more often than not, they don’t require you to go guns blazing into the enemy camp. We’ll show you where you should go and what you’re exactly looking for to get this mission done. It’s one of the easier missions that you can finish in no time for rewards. Let’s go!

Fresh Meat II Task Guide

Once you’re done with the first part of Fresh Meat, you’ll be heading back to Blue Lagoon looking for more proof. This time, you’re going to a more isolated house south of the office. You can still use the Kilo 2 to reach this place.

Gray Zone Warfare: Fresh Meat II mission location.

Just find this house and go inside it, check out the house and you should see your Fresh Meat II mission done. It doesn’t require any special action, nor do you need to find any keys or talk to anyone to finish this one.

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Abandoned house to complete Fresh Meat II mission.

And that’s how you clear Fresh Meat II mission in Gray Zone Warfare. We’ve also covered other missions in the game, such as Baked, Lost Lover, and Ripper. Don’t miss out on the rewards from finishing the other missions!


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