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Gray Zone Warfare has many different missions and tasks to complete for the Mithras faction. Many of these are assigned to you by notable Vendors and NPCs, with whom you boost your Reputation. One of these is the Timber Task that you’ll get assigned by Turncoat in the game.

The Timber Task will require you to assassinate a leader of a hostile group, after locating him. Both of these objectives can be a bit troublesome so we’re here to help you out! In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Timber Task. Let’s get into it!

Timber Task Guide

For many completionists in Gray Zone Warfare, their goal is to complete all the tasks that they have. And, of course, there are plenty of these quests available for the Mithras factions.

You should check out our What Remains Task Guide if you want to complete another one in this list. Now, we’ll turn out attention towards the task at hand, which is the Timber Task. Here are all the steps that you’ll need to go through to complete this task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. Go to the Sawmill area in the left most corner of the map
  2. Locate the leader of the hostile group in the area
  3. Eliminate him to complete the main objective of the task.

SIDE NOTE: While you are here, consider taking a look at our guide on most of the other tasks in Gray Zone Warfare!

Timber Task Location

Starting off, we’ll be heading towards the correct location for the Timber Task. As the mission log points out, we’ll be going to the Sawmill. You can find the Sawmill label on the top left corner of the Gray Zone Warfare map.

Sawmill on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

The Sawmill area is occupied with many enemies, including the leader we want to kill for the task. The Leader can spawn anywhere in the area. However, heading to the center of the Sawmill is a good bet to find him.

The exact coordinates of this area on the Gray Zone Warfare map are: (144, 139).

You can arrive at this area from either of the LZ’s located around the Sawmill. Either way, be prepared for a battle ahead!

Central Sawmill in Gray Zone Warfare.

Task Strategy

Now that you know where the location is, it’s time to head to the Saw Mill for the Mithras faction task. But before you do so, we advise that you make certain preparations.

Firstly, consider taking a weapon with a scope on it. There are many AI enemies roaming the area and having a scope will allow you to take them out from a far. This includes the target, who will often be in the middle.

In this way, you can kill him from a distance in case it’s difficult to get near him.

There are a bunch of great scopes and many more items available from Level 3 Vendors. Check out our guide for Max Level Vendors’ Best Items.

As a reminder, the leader of the hostile group can typically spawn anywhere in the Sawmill. However, the central area shown below in the image is a good place to find him.

We also managed to find him in this vicinity.

Sawmill area in Gray Zone Warfare.

Killing Hostile Group Leader

So, many players tend to have a problem with identifying the leader of the hostile group for the Timber Task. The target will dress distinctly from the rest of the AI enemies in the area.

Here are the features of the Hostile Group Leader that will help you identify him:

  • Helmet
  • Body Armor
  • ALICE Vest.

Below is an image of the Hostile Group Leader that you’ll want to shoot down. As you can see, he’s very much dead!

Once he’s dead the objective for the Timber Task will be fulfilled.

Dead Hostile Group Leader in Gray Zone Warfare.

We strongly recommend that you loot the leader’s body before you leave the area. He typically has a lot of valuable loot on him. For example, we found a well customized AK-74M on him and valuable armor.

Now, all you need to do is return to Turncoat and turn the quest in, and you’re done!

Looting Hostile Group Leader in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Timber Task in Gray Zone Warfare of the Mithras faction. If you’re still in the mood for more neutralization tasks, we’ve got you covered there too. Check out our Night Ocean Task guide – where you’ll be killing another individual!


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