How to LEVEL UP Fast in New World

Want to get the upper hand on other players in New World? Try this.

The closed beta for New World, the new thrilling MMORPG that is coming out this August, has just been released and players are getting very exited to test the waters for this game. Now, if you want to experience to full game in its glory, you probably want to level up, real fast. There are a lot of dungeons and game modes that are locked for low leveled players. And since you want to see what this beta has to offer, here is how you get good quick.

New World: How To Level Up Fast

Now, the best was to get levels quick in New World is to:

  1. Do the main quests and storyline

  2. Do side quests for the factions

While doing the main storyline, you should always remember to skin absolutely every animal in your way. That will give you a lot of passive xp that will get you levels without even realizing.

Also, to do the main quest fast you have to walk around a lot. So if you do, you should make sure you get to your locations as fast as possible.

Best ways to do this:

  • Leave respawn camps next to the NPC who left you the quest
  • Find the many fast travel points left around the cities

Another big way to get huge boosts of experience is to get the easy fetch quests from the factions.

They have this really good quest that asks you to get 300 wood and, in exchange, you get 2000 XP. Pretty huge, right?

You can get to level 22 in less than a few hours doing these fetch quests. You will easily get to do the interesting things in game, like invasions and guild battles.

So, if you have to get to a big level fast, these are the easiest ways to grind and get to huge levels. You will finally be able to defeat everyone in PVP and PVE battles, like a total pro at this young game.

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