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New World: How To Get Cabbage | Cabbage Locations

Are you ready to be called the Cabbage Lord?

There has been a big increase in the culinary arts in RPGs lately. Game developers have realized that, yes, human beings do eat! So, to make role-playing more realistic, cooking has been a big part of a lot of games. New World also likes giving players a chance to cook their good ol’ food! So, if you want to cook the best food there is, get yourself some cabbages and start making some amazing soup! That sounded cooler in my head…

How To Get Cabbage – New World

There is one and only one location in which to find a huge farm of cabbages: Bradburry Fields! A bit to the West of central Everfall.

Quite an easily accessible place, a beautiful farm, full of enemies.

Below, you can find a picture showing the exact location on the map:

You will easily see the cabbage fields all over the place, guarded by Corrupted Farmhands. The guys will be quick work for you, I hope.

If you’re high leveled, you will one-shot all of them. The farm is full of cabbages, so just go crazy.

Just, approach the cabbages and hold “E” for about 6 seconds until you get 2-5 cabbages and a little bit of harvesting experience (46).

Now you can start on your cooking, with the great ingredient you just gained. Who knows, maybe you will become the Master Chef of this New World.

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