New World: How To Increase Armor Stats With Faction Seals

You can get the most from your armor by using faction seals in New World!

Faction seal is an item in New World that isn’t understood fully, yet. It is surprising since faction seals can be an incredible item to use to upgrade and increase your armor stats, particularly in the later stage of the game. We’ll talk a bit about them, as well as how to increase the stats of your gear with these affordable faction seals.

How To Increase Armor Stats With Faction Seals – New World

One big downside is that they can be used only on faction armor, however, judging by how good these faction armors tend to be, it might not be a downside after all.

Still, there is a catch. The faction armor usually comes with gems, which, when you embed a seal, the gem gets automatically destroyed. Gems can be put on the armor later though.

So, where can you find faction seals and what do you need to do to embed them into your armor? Finding faction seals is easy. Simply, go to your faction shop, and along with the armors and other items, you’ll see circled-shaped items, called seals.

These cost only 100 tokens a pop, which is, quite frankly, dirt cheap.

You’ll have to buy seals which will be beneficial to your build. There are a lot of seal types, and most of the time, they differ in what they improve. Some improve focus, some intelligence, some strength, and so on.

So, choose one which will go hat-in-hand with your build.

Now, the last step is to merge the armor with the seal. Each armor piece requires one seal, so you’ll have to get multiple ones.

Depending on the type of armor you have, whether it is light, medium, or heavy, go to the corresponding workstation for that armor. Meaning, if it is heavy, you can merge them at the forge.

IMPORTANT: Most people get stuck at the moment they try to merge them, as that doesn’t show up as an option in the workstation’s menu. However, you will need to take off your armor, and then open up the crafting menu.

Once the armor is in your inventory, and you’ve opened up the workstation, click on a particular armor piece and then click CRAFT.

It is that easy, but make sure that you don’t put any gems to the armor beforehand.

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