New World: How To Track Resources

Did you know that you can track resources in New World?

New World is quite the learning curve. We’re cutting it some slack since it is still in beta, but we hope that certain issues get addressed before the full release. One thing is lack of information. Players are playing blindly and learning things as they go. Little things like how to track resources are mechanics, for which there is still a lot of confusion. Let’s clear it up.

How To Track Resources – New World

Since there are hundreds if not thousands of items and resources in this game, it does help a lot to be able to track them. It saves a lot of time, but it is a feature that is part of the whole nature of New World.

Anyways, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that resources do appear to be trackable. While the bad news is, the fact that the player’s trade skill must be at a particular level before the player can track a particular item.

Thankfully, in the Trade Skills menu, players can find out what level their skill needs to be to track a particular ore for example.

If you can’t find the Trade Skills menu, here’s the exact path: Main Menu > Character > Trade Skills Tab.

In the bottom-right, there is a whole part dedicated to ‘Gathering’. This is where you can open a particular skill whether it be mining, skinning, fishing, harvesting, or any other, and find out, for each resource, what sort of skill level is required to track it.

There are two numbers (in most cases), under the resource. Look for the ‘Tracked at’ number, and that’s the level your particular skill needs to be before you can track it.

Sadly, there are no quick ways to jump a lot of skill levels, only to put in the time in the individual skill. Meaning, you can level them up just by doing the actual thing. For example, for harvesting, players will need to harvest to level up their harvesting skill.

This goes for all trackable resources in New World.

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