New World: Verdant Restoration Puzzle Guide

Spoiler alert, it’s X, P & The Trident Symbol.

New World Verdant Restoration Puzzle Guide

Calling all adventurers and puzzle solvers, the “Verdant Restoration” quest in the game New World is calling your name! This quest will have you delving deep into an ancient tomb where you’ll have to use your brainpower, agility and determination to restore an ancient powerful gemstone. The quest will test your ability to navigate through some intermediate obstacles, solve complex puzzles and uncover hidden mysteries. But, don’t you worry! We’ve got your back with this guide to help you through this thrilling journey. From deciphering riddles to uncovering secrets, we’ll make sure you’re fully equipped to tackle the ancient tomb and bring back the gemstone. So sharpen your mind, lace up your boots, and get ready for an epic adventure as we guide you through the Verdant Restoration quest.

Verdant Restoration Puzzle Guide in New World

Most players will get stuck on that “rotate stonepart, at which players have to match the letters on the stones to the letters on a wall, below the puzzle. For those players, here are the exact LETTERS in sequence to restore the ancient gemstone:

X, P & The Trident Symbol.

This is the wall below the puzzle. More easily noticeable at night, which is why most players miss it.

As for the whole quest (Verdant Restoration), here’s a mini guide:

  1. Climb up the obstacles.

    Players have to climb up the second story of the building to get to the actual puzzle. Climb up on the first rock:New World Verdant Restoration Puzzle Guide

  2. Second and third rock.

    Once you’ve climbed up on the first one, jump up on the second one which is immediately in the front. Once you’re up on the second, go left and jump on the other side. Then simply turn right, and climb up.New World Verdant Restoration Puzzle Guide

  3. Complete the puzzle.

    Be careful there are enemies here. Once you take care of those enemies, place the verdant gemstone in the blue-emitting branch. Then simply rotate the stones until they match the letters on the wall from the wall below (X, P & The Trident Symbol.)New World Verdant Restoration Puzzle Guide

Once that’s done, all you need to do is speak with Druid Acolyte Nessa to turn in the quest.

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