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New World: Where To Get Faction Seals

New World faction seals can be bought, not found.

If you’ve dabbled in New World for a bit, you might’ve come across faction seals or heard about them. There’s no wonder, these seals greatly improve your armor stats, which makes them the ideal choice for late-game improvements to your armor. But where can you get faction seals? Well, we found the exact location where players can acquire faction seals.

Where To Get Faction Seals – New World

While these do destroy the already embedded gem in a particular armor piece, they’re still a worthwhile investment, in terms of what you get.

At the moment, the only known location from where players can get faction seals in New World is the faction shop. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the main reason why players couldn’t find them was that there was a ton of conflicting information out there.

The faction seals will set you back one-hundred faction points, which isn’t that much for the stats boost you might be getting.

There are different kinds of faction seals, and they’re all tailored for different builds. In other words, each seal will give you different attribute boosts, depending on the type of seal you get.

The item can then be embedded into an armor piece, and it will require one seal per item. You can combine them on a workstation that’s for your type of armor.

Again, just so you know, this will remove any kind of gem you already have on the armor, so that’s why it is a general rule that you shouldn’t put gems on your armor before you use a faction seal since it will destroy it.

Whether some of the mechanics and the fundamentals of these items will change in the future is still unknown, but there’s a good chance they might.

After all, New World is still in the early stages of development, and frequent major mechanical changes are being executed regularly.

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