New World is an MMORPG set in the seventeenth century. Join groups and fight other players or monsters to conquer lands and settlements. New World contains multiple puzzles and quest for you to complete and gain rewards.

Game Information

Game Overview

Play with your friends and battle other players in New World. This game is an MMORPG that lets you craft items and defeat enemies to level up your character. You can join 5 different factions and the main goal of the game is for players to conquer lands and settlements.

Release Date:September 28, 2021
Price:Pre-order: $39.99
Developed by:Amazon Games
Published by:Amazon Games
Platforms:Windows PC
Social Media:Official Website Twitter


As the sole survivor in your crew, you find yourself in a mysterious island, Aeternum. This island is said to be where legends originated.

Here in Aeternum, you will find that magic flowing everywhere, and this very magic affects your means of survival.

Interactive World Map for New World

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this map does not originate from us, but from or Studio Loot!


The island of Aeternum is huge. You can explore this wide expanse of land and expect for different territories filled with various settlement of players.

Here are the four territories you will encounter in your playthrough:

  • Everfall (EF): area that screams autumn due to its decorations
  • First Light (FL): coastal territory filled with shipwrecks and ruins
  • Monarch’s Bluffs (MB): mountainous territory with abandoned settlements
  • Windsward (WW): farmland filled with Withered

Other settlements in the island include Brightwood, Cutlass Keys, Ebonscale Reach, Mourningdale, Reekwater, Restless Shore, and Weaver’s Fen.

Fight for Control


As settlements grow, players would need to band together depending on shared ideals and goals. Here you will be given a chance to pick which faction would you like to ally yourself with.

There are three factions that you can choose from:


A religious faction with an aim to clear the land of heretics


A military force pushing for a nation of freedom


A secret group of intellectuals seeking for the forbidden knowledge


Following the ideals of the chosen faction are companies independently ran by the players themselves. Joining a company will let you take part in wars to colonize settlements or protect your own settlements.


To aid your survival, you would need to learn various skills in crafting. Learning these will not only make your newfound island living at ease but you could also get the full immersion of what living in Aeternum really is.

There are 7 crafting skills that you may want to allot ample time to master. Browse through them one by one.


With this skill, you will be able to create armors, accessories, and storage. The complete set of apparels for each section are listed below:

> Armor: Head, Chest, Hands, Legs and Foot Armors
> Trinkets: Amulets, Rings, Earrings
> Storage: Satchel


A skill utilizing your magical ability, as an Arcanist you will be able to brew potions and make tinctures. These items will give you effects to your health, mana and other factors that will help you in combat.

Speaking of combat, you can also create magical weapons such as a Fire Staff, Life Staff, and Ice Gauntlet with this skill.


To fill your basic needs, your cooking skill will come in handy. You will get to cook local dishes and prepare drinks for your consumption.


Your skill in engineering will enable you to add more weapons and along with it, ammunitions.

Aside from the magical weapons you can create as an Arcanist, you can create ranged weapons such as Bows and Muskets, and its ammo as an Engineer.


Yes, the game does have its own housing system. Your skill in furnishing will mostly be used as you make your home more comfortable and appealing according to your tastes.

You will then get the chance to craft or loot furniture, add chests for storage and even create a display of your trophies (which you may also craft).


Aside from making your house appealing, why not craft items for your character?

As a jewel crafter, you will have the ability to make trinkets. Aside from the appearance, it will also give passive points to your character.


And finally, as a weaponsmith, you can create melee weapons. Here are the weapons that you can add into your arsenal:

>One hand weapons: Swords, Rapiers, and Hatchets
>Two hand weapons: Spears, Great Axes, and War Hammers

Diving into the New World

Item Locations

Get All the Honeys!

Avoid the bees and get that delicious honey in all these locations.

Carrots here and there!

The hunt for carrot begins as you explore the land further.

And, cabbages everywhere!

Your recipe tells you to get those cabbages, but where can you find it?

What we need are blueberries!

Find all blueberries in the island and give yourself a nice meal!

Obtain all Faction Seals!

Obtain faction seals to improve your armor.

We’re looking for Azoth. Where is it?

Azoth is a necessity for fast travel so, we need to take note of its locations.


How to use all Faction Seals?

Faction seals are important items that you will need in the future. Might as well give this a read to help you utilize it once you already can!

Increasing Armor Stats

One of the uses of faction seals is to increase your armor stats. That said, this guide will guide you on specifically focusing on the seals’ benefit for your character.

Tracking Resources

Navigate your way around the island by tracking the resources you need.

Camp undergoing upgrade

Upgrade your camp and unlock various features and contribute to your progress in game.

Level your character fast!

Experience and fully immerse in the game by leveling up your character as quick as possible!

Quest Guides

Travel and complete the Trial of the Gladiator!

Complete a mission for your faction by defeating the gladiator!

Frequently Asked Questions

New Mounts Possibility

Travelling by mounts is not a bad idea. What does the developers say about it?