Will There Be Mounts In New World?

Easy question to answer? Not really.

New World has been a blast for most of the players these past days. The combat mechanics make this game a really fun way to spend your free time. But some gamers might have a problem with the fact that there is a lot of walking around. They have gotten used to easy fast travel and enormous amounts of mounts available in their MMORPGs. Since fast travel requires resources, based on your inventory, some could say that mounts might become a necessity at some point…

But Will Mounts Be A Part Of The New World Experience?

At the moment, all experienced New World players know that mounts are not a thing in this game. And traveling around a lot is, so that sucks a bit.

But, luckily, in an interview with the game’s director, Scot Lane, back in 2020, it was stated that the MMO might have mounts at some point in the future.

The developers consider that, at that moment in time, mounts were not a necessity for the player to enjoy their world. They said that the world is too small for someone to use a mount.

Scot has also declared that he thinks fast travel is easily accessible and is more than enough for the game at this stage.

But do the gamers think the same? The opinion is split, between people supporting the decision and calling the other camp “haters”, meanwhile, the pro-mount team dislikes the fast travel system that has been implemented.

With a world that is quickly expanding, the odds seem in favor for the developers to add mounts in the game, as long as the fan base shows that they want it.

But, for now, don’t expect anything, stack up your Azoth, and get to your fast travel points for an easy traveling experience!

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