Farming Simulator 22: How To Control Workers | Hire & Control Workers

Reduce your farming workload by hiring Workers!

Planting and producing crops can be tedious work in Farming Simulator 22. However, you can hire workers to do various tasks on your farm. Below is a guide on how you can hire and control your workers in Farming Simulator 22. 

How to Hire Workers

Hiring a Worker is simple, just press H to Hire an AI worker. You can go into any machine and press H, which lets the Worker tend to Field Work. Another function you can use is the Go-To function. 

Pressing H will bring up the worker menu. Press on Create Job and use the TargetPosition on the map and the Worker will drive to that area, 

Deliver Function

To use the Deliver Function, press H and select the Create Job function. Go to Deliver and choose where you want to bring your product in the Unloading Station tab. You can also use the Load and Deliver function by going into the Worker Menu and selecting Create Job.

Select the Load and Deliver function, you can select where you want your Loading and Unloading Station to be in the tab.

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