Farming Simulator 22: Which Gamemode To Pick?

Ways to start your Career mode on Farming Simulator 22

There are three options for starting a Career mode on Farming Simulator 22. Those are “New Farmer”, “Farm Manager” and “Start from scratch”. Depending on the mode you choose in this game depends on the way the gameplay will take place as well as the hardness of the game itself. Basically how the game will play out depends on your choice. Of course, the good thing is that the developer gives us a choice.

So, Which Game Mode To Choose?

Basically, it all comes down to your preferences, in the ”New Farmer” mode you already own some land and equipment, this mode is basically set to easy which automatically makes the economy profitable.

In this mode, you start with 100,000 euros and of course without debt, which is quite enough considering that you have no additional costs because you already own land with three fields for tillage and equipment with solid value. 

Then in the standard setting to start the game, Is the ‘’Farm Manager’’ mode. 

This mode can be seen as a medium difficulty mode. By starting in this mode, you do not own land, but you have certain funds in the amount of 1.5 million euros ready to spend. 

The good thing is that you start without any debts as in the ‘’New Farmer’’ mode. However, you do not own land or equipment. Prices of grain are decent and the economy is stable.

If you really want a real challenge, select ‘’Start from Scratch’’ mode. First, you start with debts to the bank, the gameplay itself is realistic because prices are low and the economy is difficult.

Of course, you start without any property, and in terms of funds, you start with 500,000 euros but 200,000 euros debt to the bank. 

It’s especially challenging is to find a good choice in terms of buying land as well as allocating funds to buy equipment that you will need with such a limited budget.

Basically, each mode represents a special level of difficulty of the game. As for me, a suggestion would be to go with ‘’Start from Scratch’’ mode if you want challenges, but the other modes are also quite decent.

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