Gray Zone Warfare: The Negotiator Quest Guide | Mithras

Go down to the bunker, fight some enemies, get the key and rescue the Negotiator. All in a day’s work!

Gray Zone Warfare: The Negotiator Quest Guide | Mithras

Gray Zone Warfare is a realistic military themed first-person shooter that was released not too long ago (Early Access). You can find it on Steam if interested. The game not only has your typical PvE mode but also has the PvEvP mode to keep things interesting. Not only that, but it also boosts some pretty impressive graphics for you to enjoy. This guide will show you how to complete The Negotiator quest. It is pretty straightforward, keep reading to learn more about it.

Quest Guide of The Negotiator | Mithras

First thing you need to do is to go to the YBL-1 area. You can use the LIMA 1 or LIMA 2 LZ, whichever is easier for you. Once there, head to the area marked in the image below.

SIDE NOTE: We have an awesome complete guide for All Mithras Tasks & Locations in Gray Zone Warfare, make sure to check it out!

YBL - 1 on Map
Location of the YBL-1 Bunker marked on the Map.

Once you get there, you will come across a Bunker. Make your way inside the Bunker. Inside the Bunker, you will find AI enemies, deal with them. One of them should drop the YBL-1 OFFICE 02 KEY (shown below).

Note: If you are playing in PvEvP mode then you may find other players roaming around the area so be careful.

Office Key
This is the Key that you need to get from AI enemies.

After you get the Office Key, make your way to the bottom of the Bunker (2nd floor). Once there, you will find a locked Office door. Use the Office Key you got earlier to open this door. The door you need to unlock is marked in the image below.

This is the room where you will find the Negotiator.

Once you unlock it, go inside and you will find a guy strapped to a chair. Go near this guy and press F to Confirm The Identity. This will mark your quest complete.

And that is it for this guide! One of the most important things in the game are the guns. And to use those guns effectively, you also need to have the right kind of ammo. Confused which ammo to choose? Then check this guide for more information: Gray Zone Warfare: Complete Ammo Guide.


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