How To Enable Dev Console – Farming Simulator 22

Troubleshoot your issues in Farming Simulator 22!

Farming Simulator 22 offers immersive farming operations with a focus on agriculture. The game allows you to operate machines and experience animal husbandry, but you may encounter errors or issues while playing the game. Enabling the Dev Console can help you troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing in the game.

How to Enable Dev Console

Before enabling the Dev Console, you have to close your game first. You cannot enable the Dev Console while the game is running. Below are the steps you have to follow to enable the Dev Console in Farming Simulator 22.

  1. Go to Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022.
  2. Find the Game file, which is an XML Document. Click on the file and select open with Notepad. 
  3. Find the line that says “<controls>false</controls>” without the quotation marks. 
  4. Replace the “<controls>false</controls>” with “<controls>true</controls>”.
  5. Close the file and save the changes

You can now launch the game and enable the Dev Console. 

How to Activate the Dev Console

After launching the game, you have to activate the Dev Console using the Tilde key. 

  1. Press the Tilde key or “~” to bring up the Dev Console. 
  2. Press the Tilde Key again to bring up the text bar on the Dev Console. 
  3. You can enter the console commands in the text bar to activate them.

The Dev Console has other uses aside from activating console commands, such as:

  • Pressing F2 will show the current FPS of your game. 
  • Pressing F3 will remove the FPS cap.
  • You can enter the wireframe mode by pressing F4.
  • Pressing F5 will show you all the triggers and collision boxes in the game. 
  • You can get various camera views on the map by pressing F7.
  • Pressing F8 will give you various diagnostic information, which is helpful if you are experiencing errors in the game. 
  • If you make maps, pressing F11 can show you the shadow map debug of the game. 

Dev Commands

After activating the Dev Console, you can enter console commands in the textbox. Below are some of the commands you can enter to mod your game.

  • gsHudVisibility – Hides your HUD
  • gsPlayerFlightMode – Enables Flight Mode for the player

You can find all the console commands in Flight Simulator 22 by activating the Dev Console and pressing your arrow keys to cycle through the available console commands. 

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