How To Unlock Extra Content – Farming Simulator 22

Enabling extra content for Farming Simulator 22

Regarding the downloadable content for Farming Simulator 22, more precisely the add-on for extra content, by purchasing this game you get codes for extra content that you can play. Note that this game is still new and there may be some changes in the steps to unlock additional content, but still through the steps in the text below you can unlock additional content. You just need to follow the step precisely.

Unlocking Extra Content For Farming Simulator 22

As a first step, enter the game and go to the downloadable content, then press the key this will open the extra content and at the bottom of the screen, click on the option to unlock the item.

This will give you the option to enter an unlock code that you already have. After entering the code, the item for which you owned the code will be unlocked.

You probably have codes for accessories, when you unlock the items, re-enter the game and in the menu, search for the store and search for the brand of the tractor that you have unlocked.

Now you just need to buy them and you will be able to use them. That’s all it takes to unlock extra content with the codes you have, it’s relatively simple but some things can be confusing.

By following the above steps you will surely be able to unlock the additional content.

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