New World: How To Get Carrots | Carrot Locations

What’s up, doc? Bugs would be proud.

Carrots are the root of all good food in the world. They help you give great taste to most of the dishes you could get. The New World developers know this, so they decided to make you get some to cook so amazing dishes. Now, you might be wondering, “Why am I getting carrots in an MMORPG?”. I don’t know either, but here is how and where to get them in this new massively multiplayer game!

How To Get Carrots – New World

These are the three locations in which carrots in New World can be found:

  1. Cooper’s Ranch

  2. Merril’s Place

  3. Willette’s Homestead

The first location to find these carrot farms is Cooper’s Ranch. It is a bit North of Grenville, West of Windsward Village, in the Windshard region. Sounds easy enough, right? Here is a map to see the exact location:

You just approach them and hold “E” for about 5 seconds to get 2-5 carrots and 48 points of experience in harvesting.

The second location to farm carrots is Merril’s Place. It’s Southwest of the first location, in the Southern part of Grenville. Below is the location on the map:

After that, you can advance to the third location, Willette’s Homestead, which is down the road, towards the West.

There are a lot of fields here of carrots, as you can see below:

From each of these carrot batches, you will gain 2-5 carrots and 48 experience for harvesting. Pretty neat.

Now go and collect all these carrots, and preferably get some cabbages and blueberries, as well. You can become the best cook in New World!

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